Monday, September 24, 2007

Awesome Marketing

Sorry for the crappy photo I'll try and get a better one at a later date.

For the non new yorkers this subway advertisement is for

Over the past two years or so they have been running some fantastic 'social commentary' advertisements such as "your closet - scarier than bush's agenda" and "your closet space is shrinking faster than a woman's right to choose".

1/ All publicity is good publicity - especially for something as innocuous as storage.

2/ As it's Manhattan based they aren't really going to piss off anyone with half a brain...or just visiting.

3/ It gives their brand an amazing identity. I know I've gone out of my way to 'read' their ads when i see a new one.

Apart from Kenneth Cole can anyone give examples of other great 'social commentary' marketing?



  1. You could argue that Snickers' latest Super Bowl ad was a form of social commentary:

    A kinder ad that comes to mind is this eBay tear-jerker from a few years back:


  2. In NJ there is a new car insurance company called NJ Cure. They have a new TV commercial, which is basically an animated, talking blue face (sort of like an emoticon/WalMart smiley face character). Everyone in NJ knows insurance in this state is outrageous and corrupt. Geico wouldn't even touch us until a year or two ago.

    NJ Cure wanted to run a campaign that played on citizen anger. So, the little blue face is talking about how "some car insurance companies determine your rates based on credit history, some on education... F$ck (bleeped) them... Oh, am I not allowed to say 'F$ck (bleeped) on television?" asks the innocuous blue face. I am almost fell off my chair. It connected with me, and undoubtedly 100's of 1000's of NJites.

    Anoher example of how local advertising can be so much more adventurous than national.