Wednesday, September 19, 2007

closed wall worlds or open worlds?

As some of you know I'm working on a Second Life project, whilst I hate the current state of Second Life....I also have extremely high hopes for it's long term future. Being a forward thinker I can see how SL/"some other 3d virtual environment" will have as much an influence on our lives as our assorted homepages/social networks do today.

Linden Labs have done some great things but they are also at a stage that they fundamentally have to radically change the way they move forward from here in order to survive...will they? who knows.

So it was with great interest that i read this article today.

I'd never heard of him before but I totally understand why/where he is going.

Keep an eye on it.


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  1. Great post, Dean. I had thought we'd increasingly start to see the web converge with the metaverse but it looks like it could happen a lot sooner than many people expected. Thanks for sending.

    Now, if only I could get the clueless major media company I work for to understand this vision...