Wednesday, September 12, 2007 - it's a generational thing

Ok so I have some numbers for you;

3,500,000 tv viewers
721,000 download streams
2,000 audience video submissions.

Wow those are some big numbers for a premier to achieve in just 7 days.

When I read this article this morning on
NICKELODEON’s “iCarly” showed early signs of success for its unique mix of plotted story-lines and user-generated content. During its premiere on September 8th, the show drew 3.5 million viewers. Online, TurboNick fed 721,000 streams of the show during the opening weekend, and kids uploaded over 2,000 videos to the site.

I thought yeh interesting and kept reading to the next article then about an hour later I came back and re-read those numbers. Wow 721,000 people got off their butts and went to 'rewatch' something they had already seen OR even better went and forwarded a link to a friend which is even more valuable.

2000 of those people in the first 7 days actually went to the effort of video taping themselves and then uploading this content (heck even if half were crap and they used 4 per episode thats over 5 years worth of user submission content right there in less than a week).

Go check out the site - you might learn something about whats missing in your own product offerings (for one they have a really slick screen viewer/full screen player).

I can see this being huge in a very short time frame - and certainly an example of why there are very few tv genres that sholdn't come with an extensive online/mobile component.

P.S. I love the nature of the real time countdown till the next episode.

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