Friday, September 07, 2007

Rats in NY Restaurants
Tomorrow night Inside Edition will air part two of its "Rat Patrol" investigation, in which the show sends reporters out into the streets between 1 and 4 AM to find rats and other vermin running loose at top New York restaurants

Lol I love it - My comments were this;

I cant believe how New Yorkers are happy to throw their trash in the street in plastic garbage bags and then complain how you have rats.
In every major city in the world they have evolved years ago to sealed garbage bins (also automated collection trucks that pick up standardised containers which makes collected far cleaner).
New York we live in a third world city and as on par with Kuala Lumpur or Bankok we have to expect rats OR choose to do something about it.


I wonder if that will win me any friends from the local natives.
Have a great weekend.


P.S. I took the photos of these garbage bags on the way home from the baseball last night.They were piled up outside of Trump Towers on 68th and 3rd.You cant quite see it in the photo but I love how one of the bags was 'oozing' a lovely sticky liquid.....very santitary....and classy to boot hey Trump ?

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