Saturday, September 08, 2007

Tribal Baseball

We went to the baseball at Shea Stadium last night. I guess being New Yorkers we won being that the NY Mets beat the Houston Astro's 11 to 2 - yeh team :)

What was really interesting to us as outsiders were all the 'cute' little things that the whole crowd does as a group. Like in the 7th inning everyone stands up and stretches as a group and does the same stretch movement, and certain 5 second musical interludes kick off certain chants etc where everyone claps or snaps at the same time.

Lol as an outsider who wasn't 'induced' to the rituals from their first ball game at 5 years old we found it kind of amusing - but cute at the same time.

But hey from a country who includes Cricket as a national pastime what the hell do we know.


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