Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Jon Stewart

One of the cool things about living in New York is access to events that are going on locally like seeing a live taping of The Daily Show With Jon Stewart

We went last night and it was way better than I ever thought it could be, we were lucky enough to see the Senator Larry Craig story .......lol watch the video - the joke about Croc shoes was cracking everyone up (btw R Kelly was amazing to see sing live).

What was really amazing was to see how smooth these guys are. They basically ran through the whole show non stop from start to finish with only 1 or 2 very small retakes. Watching someone flawlessly for 25 mins of perfect delivery was staggerinng - you can see why these guys get paid as much as they do.

Was interesting to watch the show later that night as it was actually funnier in person that on tv.

If you are ever in New York definately try and go see it however you need to really book in advance (we booked our tickets 4 months ago).


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