Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Want to write about the Adobe AIR conference from yesterday but flat out so will get to it tomorrow.

Just wanted to make a quick comment about the OLPC project and all the crappy people posting about it's perceived failure like at Valleywag here

Wow really interesting to see the claws come out in the comments here at Valleywag.
It's ok that the reporter passes judgement....they dont know better :) (oops did that cost me my chance at becoming a registered commenter?)

But realistically - so what that Wal Mart sells them for cheaper....it's not designed for the same purposes and it's not designed to be bulletproof and long lasting. (btw the $399 OLPC is for 2 computers 1 to give - 1 for the purchaser....walmarts aren't below $200)

The OLPC project isn't about cheap off the shelf windows computers it's about providing long lasting tools for the betterment of the users "lot in life".

As for the personal comments about Negroponte....what have you done with your life lately?

Did you raise $40m for 'plain vanilla education' as you suggested was required? No then STFU.

Dean Collins

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  1. People will either agree with OLPC or they will not. Unfortunately, we will not know who is right and who is wrong until the very end.

    For myself, I am really hoping it will work, as I can see it changing a lot of things.