Tuesday, September 11, 2007

London Oyster - MTA ?

I was reading an article today at Kablenet.com about how the London Oyster has now been expanded to include additional trial stored value purchases.

So now you can buy your London Times paper with the same card you pay your tube ride.

Of course in London they use contactless readers rather than the mag strip the MTA in NY uses but some subways have been fitted with trial NFC readers.

LOL - seriously though I just dont get why this has to be so freaking difficult it's 2007 already - we are fast approaching the jetson age but seems we are being held back by legacy banking community who want to own it all so refuse to change.

I just want one card that pays for my subway and my paper and my coffee in the morning.....oh and I want it to be real and not a plastic mockup like the iCache that's being flogged around town at the moment ....love the concept but why even get the banks involved at all - cut them out of the loop and just implement your solution already.

Dean 'Frustrated this morning' Collins

P.S. Yep I also agree with this writer that iCache is way too thick for my liking - I also think that their 10-6=4 maths is crap though I'll hold judgement until I see something real.

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